Tinker is a unique class in that only gnomes can become tinkers. Even though humans can learn how to fix and even build mechanical devices, they do not have the innate desire or capacity for inventing off-the-cuff. Tinker gnomes are those who devote their lives to the betterment of life by machination. They focus into many different areas, and have had some (limited) success in changing how the world works already.

Gnome technology is an interesting, different, and important addition to the world of Elwarne, but some things must be remembered about gnomish technology.

  • Magic can almost always do things more quickly and cheaply.
  • Technology is far more available for use to the average joe.
  • Technology doesn’t work like it works in the real world.

Sailboats, crossbows, locks, and the distillery are all famous gnomish inventions. But there are so, so, so many more that go unknown, because they are far more inefficient, enormous or strange.


The basic rules for gnomish tinkering follow the complexity table on p118 of the Dragonlance sourcebook. The rules on pp22-24 are more or less correct, except:

  • Additional effects still produce +1 complexity, but for every two levels they are below the highest complexity, they offer a +1 to the final item modification.
  • Every 3 proficiencies in engineering lowers the complexity of a device by 1 (assuming a successful engineering roll).
  • Every three proficiencies in a skill related to the design/construction of the device reduces the complexity of the device by 1 (assuming a successful proficiency check).
  • Mass production rules on p24 do not apply.


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