Orcs are a race bred for hunting. Large and muscled, with green skin and large teeth, living on the creatures that inhabit the biito, a thin wedge of land across the eastern coast of Vahassa, and even over the mountains into the dangerous wilds on their western foot. Their ability to work together has made orcs capable of taking down prey far larger than any individual orc. The orcs have grown into a civilisation of hunting, gathering, and then once they met kender, who told them of the human camps on the other side of the mountains, raiding for goods that they did not otherwise have any access to.

These raids became part of the norm of human experience, with frontier villages being sacked of goods regularly, until a larger force of orcs were united under an early leader, and had to be driven back by silver dragons and their magic.

The orcs, after their initial defeat, have moved to the east side of the dividing mountains, where they grow in strength with the support from a gnoll slave class. There is a fear that if a leader is born to them, they might march in larger numbers than can easily be repelled by the humans. They highly value martial arts and health. Some love music, others magic or faith. A few orcs have accepted exploration, but few seem keen to travel the world alone. For most other useful gifts, they usually rely either on slaves, or on trading or looting what they need. Ra’a and Ba’ya, to them often known as orc twins, are their gods.

The orc gift of tactics is unusual in that despite its obvious value, making orcs one of the most feared enemies on the battlefield, it has not spread through the rest of the world. How the orcs have managed to keep a monopoly on their own gift is still a mystery. While alone, an orc can be fearsome, in groups, orcs are deadly, capable of taking down even the largest creature or the most skilled fighter.


+1 Str (18/00), +1 Con (18), -1 Int, -1 Wis, gain +1 to hit bonus for every ally flanking an enemy. Unlimited levels in fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger.


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