Ogres are a large, muscular, powerful looking humanoid race. The ogres find their symbiotic relationship with the goblins in the Manxigan flood plains reasonable, but have noticed recently that their leaders don’t seem to have quite the high quality of life that the goblin leaders seem to have. This they think should not be. Some of them have been secretly studying magic in the hope that this might help them train up some powerful leaders who can help them gain more ascendancy over the goblins. They have learned surprisingly few gifts, as goblins do most of the work, making use mainly of martial arts in their position as guardians, literacy and some have taken up exploration. Ba’ya and Qodesh feature largest in their worship, although many are non-religious.

As the receivers of the gift of health, despite their position of authority and supremacy over the goblins, ogres follow a disciplined culture of hearty diet, regular exercise, full rest and proper sanitation which keeps them free of disease and in peak physical form, allowing them to quickly regain their stamina.


+1 Str (18/00), +1 Con (19), +1 Int (18), -2 Dex, -1 Cha, large creature, heal 1d4hp/level per night of rest. Unlimited levels in fighter, wizard, cleric, barbarian.


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