Navigation is the gift allowing a person to guide themselves from one place to another. Obviously while any person can walk from their house to the pub and back, navigation allows someone to find their way across treacherously bland landscapes where there is little way of telling direction or obvious landmarks – such as the ocean. It should not be confused with exploration – exploration allows a race to move from its home and discover new areas; navigation is what would allow them to find their way home again.

Navigation is the racial gift of the minotaurs, but has been taken up by humans, gnomes, kobolds, and anyone else with an interest in finding a place they have been to before. Kender tend to eschew this gift, thinking that if the gods wanted them to find their way home whenever they wanted, they’d have been born minotaurs instead.

Combined with literacy, navigation allows quality mapmaking (as opposed to kender mapmaking, which is far less reliable)

Combined with mechanics, navigation allows seafaring (that is, the ability to control large and complicated ships designed to sail offshore).


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