The minotaurs are a proud and arrogant race of powerful bull-people, originally coming from the winter pines area in northwest Ameros. have taken pre-eminence in sailing the seas, often used by traders to reach far shores. They have no compulsions about forcing those weaker than them to do their bidding, however, so some are wary of them. They have enslaved the gnolls to build and work their ships, and are currently in a state of aggression with the humans and bugbears in winter pines. They have learned exploration, literacy, trade, martial arts, mechanics and animal husbandry as first priority, but also have taken to administration, laws, health and survival. Qodesh and Ba’ya are most worshipped amongst them.

Due to their masterful grasp of navigation, it is said that a minotaur can never be lost, regardless of their place in the world. This does not mean that they necessarily know where everything in the world is, but they at least know where they are in relation to places they do know.


+2 Str (18/00), +2 Con (19), -2 Wis, -2 Cha, large and obvious hoofed creature, can charge with horns. Unlimited levels in fighter, barbarian, kensai, ranger.


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