Martial Arts

Martial arts is the gift of developing, practicing and perfecting all forms of combat and individual warfare. This gift was originally given to the bugbears, who used it as a method of self-control and order in their lives. They have since gone on to give birth to the kensai class, which focuses on honing one’s skill in an individual weapon or martial art form.

Martial arts is obviously very popular, and is utilised by many races, such as humans in all their societies, some centaur, dwarves, elves, goblins, minotaurs, orcs, ogres, and yuan-ti.

Combined with metallurgy, martial arts provides metal weapons, tools created with the purpose of killing, which are both dangerous and popular.

Combined with philosophy, martial arts provides the monk class.

Combined with tactics, martial arts provides strategy for army-sized forces.

Combined with faith, martial arts provides the paladin class.

Combined with woodwork, martial arts provides wooden weapons.

Combined with survival, martial arts provides the Ranger class.

Combined with health and law, martial arts provides the cavalier class.

Martial Arts

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