Manxiga is the name given to the entire landmass found off the eastern shore of the the green fields and off to the west of Winter Pines, although more commonly, like the savannah is called Vahassa by the humans, it is the flood plains that adopt this name most readily.

In fact, Manxiga is made up of the flood plains which are the ancestral home of the goblin and ogre races, which make up the central part of the landmass, and are hemmed in by the swampland to the west, the jungle to the east, and mesa steppes to the north.

Splitting the swamp and the northern flood plain is the sandy desert plateau, a huge mesa atop which lies a sandy, rather desolate desert (although nothing as desolate as the salty desert north of Vahassa).

There are four major mountain ranges in Manxiga: the fiery mountains are the most well-known in Manxiga itself, being the home of yuan-ti and dwarves, among others; known amongst humans, and especially kensai, are the the lonely mountains, home of the bugbear race and one of the first places humans who settled Manxiga arrived; the singing mountains are a place of pilgrimage to monks, bards and all with a taste of music, as this is the home of the galeb duhr; and finally the mysterious and scantly visited swamp mountains, thought to be home at least to the myconid race, although not even kender seem to be able to tell much of this land.


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