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Elwarne is the name of the world on which this campaign is played. The name is said to have come from the unicorns who it is assumed received it from the gods. The common belief is that the gods created this world as a place for good to flourish, and as an example on the prime material plane of the maxim that good always overcomes evil. A different belief has started to arise from the worshippers of the so-called evil gods, who say that the good gods tried to make Elwarne a paradise by preventing evil from being involved, and they have come to inject the reality of creation into this world and show that evil is necessary and viable as a choice for sentient creatures.

Elwarne is made up of two main continents, Ameros and Manxiga. Ameros is made up of two main subcontinental areas, which are known as Vahassa in the south and Fiiel in the north. Each of these areas can be broken up into large geographic areas based on their geography.


Elwarne boasts a number of sentient races, gifted by the gods with their own unique skills, meant to be shared and utilised by all races in harmony. A strong element of the world of Elwarne is the gifted races placed there by the gods, and their unique characteristics. Here you will find a list of the different gifted races, which will then contain information about them, both for storytelling interest and also for game mechanics.

For the purposes of Making Myth, the word “gifted” is somewhat akin to “sentient”, more weighted towards its classical meaning of “the mind” (definition 4 in the Macquarie Dictionary). It refers to races that have a thinking mind, and are capable of varying degrees of intelligence that include an upper echelon of formal decision making and abstraction. So while there may be many races that are intelligent to varying degrees, and perhaps that can even talk (like trolls, harpies etc), they may have only a limited intelligence, and as such are not counted as gifted beings for the purposes of the game. Some of these creatures may be natural – others might have been created later by magic. Either way, the distinction of those races with or without “gift” is an important one for the purposes of Elwarne.

Newly discovered by the human race, particularly by Drey Trailweaver and Kage the Grey, are:

Apart from those that fill the many and varied roles of civilised society such as farmers, millers, blacksmiths and the like, there are those that seek adventure and excitement in life. These can generally be described as one of the following:

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