Magic is a phenomenal gift, given originally to dragons, that allows its wielder to change the nature of reality around them utilising arcane power. Each type of dragon was given its own magical focus, and as such, the study of magic is still fractured across the world, depending on the contact those settlements have had with dragons.

Magic is highly valued among the humans in Vahassa, and is also used by them in Manxiga. Other races that make use of magic are couatl, elves, kobolds, naga, gnomes, ogres, and yuan-ti, among others. It has been said that while kender are highly attracted to magic, few think it wise to allow them to practise it.

Studying magic under one of the dragons allows access to the mage class.

Combined with literacy, magic provides the ability to create magic scrolls, and to record magic into a written form – the most popular form of magical use for non-dragons.

Combined with music, magic provides the bard class.


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