Kobolds really do plague the world, having gotten just about everywhere. They are a diminutive, barky little dog-like humanoid race that is far too long-lived and apt to breed for the liking of other cultures. Nobody likes them, although if you need to cross a desert or other desolate place, they are begrudgingly used as guides. Many kobold settlements have been pushed by others into lifeless places like the salty desert, the sandy desert, the swamps, and the tundra. They still thrive, however, despite these hostile territories. They are keen explorers, and also make many textile objects. There has been an explosion of magic among the kobolds, which they feel they can use to help better their position. Some have acquired literacy, and others have taken to music. When they worship, they are likely to follow Hesed or Tu’Eva.

Kobolds are rugged survivalists, and can survive almost anywhere. It has been joked that if they could somehow breathe underwater, they would colonise the seas. As a matter of fact, it is their iron constitutions, together with their ability to scrape up food and water in almost any scenario, that make them so survivable.


+2 Con (20), -1 Str, despised by organised races, can eat anything and survive anywhere, con bonuses vs poison, 60ft darkvision. Unlimited levels in rogue, bard, cleric, wizard.


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