Kender populate (some say plague) most of the inhabited world. They seem to be everywhere, although many eventually retire back to the Vahassa scrubs as nomadic animal herders. They do not understand the institution of private property, thinking that all things fall into a form of public ownership, though most other people assume a mix of theft or kleptomania. They love animal ken, trade, survival, music, and mechanics, as well as literacy and navigation, which allows them to make wonderful maps. Leatherwork, textiles and woodwork are all boons to the kender, allowing a more portable lifestyle. Kender believe that Hesed watches over them.

Kender are the ultimate explorers. While exploration is a popular gift among lots of races, kender are happily at home no matter where they are. In fact, they often say that they are most at home on the road.


+2 Dex (20), -1 Str, thieving abilities, kender pockets, immune to fear, generally detested by organised races. Unlimited levels in rogue (handler), bard, cleric, ranger.


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