Goblins flood the flood plains of Manxiga. They are more numerous than humans, and have curiously managed to set up a symbiotic relationship with the nation of ogres that share their land. They took to agriculture keenly, maximising the potential of their wetland environs to grow rice abundantly. Using their system of organisation mixed with law, they have created a society of rigid regulation over economics, trade and even martial arts and religions. Literacy holds a lot of these codes together for them. They oddly have taken eagerly to philosophy and faith, and were the first to discover the existence and worship of evil gods. Depending on their bent, they may worship Paliyl because justice usually comes from order, but more likely Tiyrya, because fear is more efficient at keeping people in line.

Their gift of administration gives goblins a reputation as bureaucratic scum, but they really are true perfectionists when it comes to efficiency, whether it be knowing the size of a piece of parchment required to write a certain note, or the amount of food required to cross a desert. Some say they are just naturally lucky too, which never hurts.


+1 Wis (18), +1 Cha (18), -1 Con, Lucky (can reroll one dice roll per day). Unlimited levels in cleric, rogue, bard, monk.


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