Gnolls are a race of tall, lanky, hyena-like humanoids, that have been enslaved wherever they go. In their home habitat of the winter pines, they are second-class slaves of the minotaur empire. Some escaped slave ships in Vahassa, where they work as lackeys of the orc hordes and occasionally as indentured servants to the humans. It is only those few who escaped to Manxiga who now live in secluded parts of the jungle. Generally, gnolls are forced to learn whatever gifts make them useful workers, such as architecture, agriculture, pottery, leatherworking and animal ken. They have sought out music for themselves, to express their sorrow. Gnolls feel very close to the earth, and so worship Carna.

The exceptional skill of a gnoll with woodwork must be seen to be believed. working without any tools more advanced than a sharpened stone and other pieces of wood, they can fashion, bend and shape incredible devices, tools and timber.


+2 Str (18/00), -1 Int, -1 Wis, exceptional sense of hearing and smell (20% listen). Unlimited levels in fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger.


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