The giants are another race which is segmented into many subtypes, much like dragons. They are essentially large humanoids who are suited to particular climates and habitats across Elwarne, and are notable for their large edifices, built using their skill in architecture. Because it is their gift, the palatial homes of giants are unparalleled, able to create a domicile from any material. Kender even say they have seen castles in the skies formed from clouds, but few people believe them.

The giants have had mixed relationships with their surrounding neighbours. The desert giants have built large sandstone structures atop the sandy desert plateau, particularly along a large river system that flows through the centre.

Fire giants have created savage, military style fortresses in the fiery mountains, made of liquid stone and metal from the centre of the mountains and poured into wicked looking pallisade. They constantly vie with the dwarves, yuan-ti and red dragons for land and mineral deposits.

The frost giants in the white mountains in the north of Fiiel have been in a protracted war with the white dragons, but also despise the humans to the south for stealing the stone and ice from their mountains.

Hill giants originally come from the mesa steppes in the north of Manxiga, and have had a horrible life, being enslaved by ogres and goblins as mud brick builders, as well as being attacked by green dragons if they venture into the waters around Segol Bay, where the occasionally fish from clay barges.

The stone giants, which also live in the white mountains have been enjoying quiet drinking in their mountain homes ever since the humans brought them the secret of brewing in exchange for their gift of architecture and occasional gifts of shaped stone.

Giants worship a number of gods, depending on their preference.


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