Fighter is a broad term encompassing a soldier, warrior, or mercenary who seeks to make battle and combat their job. They train in various methods of ranged and melee combat styles, and are quite often heroic and canny in battle. Because their focus is purely on fighting, and they are not distracted with the religious concerns of a paladin, the wilderness survival of a barbarian or ranger, the mounted prowess of a cavalier or the devotedness to perfection of a kensai, fighters tend to be able to pull a few special tricks out of the bag when it comes to taking an opponent down.


Fighters follow the rules set out for them in the Player’s Handbook, with the following alterations:

A player with a fighter character can describe dynamic acts of heroism and skill that they wish to accomplish during a fight, and will have a far greater chance of succeeding than any other character (such as disarming an opponent, or tripping them, or beheading them etc).

Fighters can specialise in weapons (spending two weapon proficiencies to gain +1 attack and +2 damage with the weapon).

Fighters have the ability to sweep – if they kill an opponent, they can make another attack (without moving). If they kill that opponent, they can make yet another attack – as many times as they have levels.


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