Elves find their jungle under threat from logging in the south by goblins, ogres and even humans. While they enjoy woodwork, elves have developed ways of working the wood without harming the trees, especially when mixed with green dragon magic and the blessing of Carna. They are fond of animal ken and agriculture, again working with the land instead of against it in their jungle setting. They have discovered architecture, and have also learned to study philosophy. Some elves have studied martial arts, others music. A few elves decided to learn exploration and move beyond Manxiga. There are a few who moved to the enchanted forest and study faith the gods, while others moved to the woodlands of Fiiel where they found they could live in harmony with the treants, and have developed a good trade with humans due to their ability to work wood without cutting it from the protected woodlands. Being so in touch with their jungle home, many elves worship Carna, goddess of creation.

With their civilisation’s foundation in literacy, they are highly accustomed to the retention, storage and access of information. Not only can they express themselves perfectly in written word, but elves can read between the lines of written works, and gain the fullest understanding possible from them.


+1 Dex (19), -1 Con, 60ft low light vision, chance to find hidden/secret doors. Unlimited levels in rogue, wizard, cleric, bard.


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