Dwarves have it tough, finding that red dragons, fire giants and yuan-ti all vie to claim the fiery mountains as their own, whilst goblins put pressure on them from the flood plains. They have become rather dour and gruff with all the seriousness of their dark lives. Many migrated by boat (a harrowing process) to Fiiel, where stonework is highly regarded in the plains. As a race they have taken to metalwork, survival, health, literacy, and brewing. Those who remain under the fiery mountains of Manxiga are well versed in martial arts, while those who moved to Fiiel have taken up exploration, trade and architecture. Dwarves have pledged allegience to Paliyl, the god of justice.

The dwarve’s gift at stoneworking is unrivalled, allowing them to work any kind of stone into almost any shape or use. They have an affinity for stone, being able to almost sniff out veins of stone, and perceive even the slightest imperfection or shift in some stone.


+1 Con (19), -1 Cha, Con bonuses vs poison, 60ft darkvision, detecting underground phenomema. Unlimited levels in fighter, rogue, barbarian, cleric.


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