Dragons are arguably the largest and most powerful of all the gifted races in Elwarne, so it is perhaps thankful that they are few in number, sleep often (especially as they get older), and are spread out across the far-flung reaches of the world. Together, dragons hold the gift of magic – though interestingly, unlike any other race, it is a shattered gift, shards of which seem to reside in the blood of the different colours and sheens of the race.

Because they are the holders of the gift of magic, dragon magic is raw and powerful. The older a dragon gets, the more in touch with that power it becomes, until in its antiquity it acquires the fullest grasp on the types of magic lent to it by its blood. The greatest of dragons are akin to demigods, able to reshape the very fabric of the world with their powerful magics. Any other race seeking to learn magic would need to seek out these dragons, and if not human, would usually require a human teacher as well. Those dragons that are amenable to others learning their gift may have humans in place as a teacher of their ways, whereas others might not be so giving. The raw power of magic usually has to be systematised and reduced to individual spells for learning by the lesser races.

Black dragons are known to inhabit the swamplands west of the swamp mountains and the fiery mountains. Their magic revolves around earth, dirt, mud and stone, as well as death and decay. Because of this link with death, they are often seen as being evil, or linked with the goddess Tu’Eva. Black-robed wizards are rare but not unheard of, although they are rarely welcome in polite circles. Moreover, black dragons are very fond of their large swampy domain, but not particularly keen on company, even of their own kind. This means that only the most determined individuals can learn black dragon magic.

The blue dragons claim the salt desert as their own, and are known to have amassed for themselves large forces of kobolds in a place where they assume no-one will look. Blue dragons have power both over lightning as well as enchantment, the binding of magic into things. Blue dragons have a reputation for arrogance and megalomania.

Brass dragons share the northern reaches of Vahassa with the blue dragons, although tend to prefer the oceans that pinch the neck of Ameros. They have not taken kindly to aggression by the blue dragons, and are keeping a watchful eye over their kender compatriots, whom they are friendly towards because of their willingness to talk. Brass dragons are genial and cordial, enjoying riddles, rhymes, music, stories and all things social and fun. Their magic tends to be protective in nature, possibly one of the only reasons why the blue dragons have not taken more effort to destroy them.

The bronze dragons off the winter pines coast can occasionally be spotted looting shipwrecked vessels, seeming to enjoy the fruits of civilisation, but otherwise keeping clear of society themselves. Their magic is one of the broadest known among magic scholars – the ability not only to summon objects from afar, but also to alter the nature of objects.

Few people really even know the copper dragons exist, as the sandy desert has yet to be really properly explored. However, there have been sporadic reports by kender, and some are thought to masquerade as other races to seek out information due to their inquisitive natures. Their magic has a focus on personal benefit and ability.

Green dragons live in the eastern jungle of Manxiga, deep in the darkest reaches. They are secretive, manipulative, and ambitious. Their magic takes on both that affecting plants, as well as illusion and phantasm. Though one does not see green robed mages, it is thought that they exist, and certainly other races have been observed practising illusion magic.

The red dragons are the lords of the fiery mountains, and the lands of Manxiga live in regular fear of a red dragon flight over their lands. They are hot-tempered, vicious, and ruthless. They resent the existence of dwarves, yuan-ti and fire giants in their mountain, though since they live in the flowing lava belly of the mountains, few really disturb them. Their magic is that of fire and of charm, a deadly yet attractive mix, much as the red dragons themselves tend to be.

Silver dragons hail from the dividing mountains of Vahassa, but many are said to live clandestinely as humans in their settlements across the savannah. They are friendly after a fashion, and enjoy the social company of other races, but tend to fill roles as outsiders and observers, rather than get too involved. As dragons they are magnanimous, if a little haughty. Their magic seems to reflect the changing of seasons, and of weather. Silver dragons were perhaps the first to teach their magic to humans, and there is now an established tower of silver magic in Vahassa.

White dragons are petty, angry and a little slow. They despise their lot in life, stuck in constant conflict with the frost giants in the frozen wastes of the tundra in the far north of Ameros, which may explain why they are aggressive and angry to anyone invading their territory. Their magic reflects their environment – cold, and sluggish.

Some sages have theorised that another dragon must exist somewhere, because there seems to be a hole in the practise of magic – its inability to retain an effect over time. Kender have at times reported sightings of gold dragons on their travels, but given that they often-times can’t remember where those were, or they saw them “whilst exploring the clouds” it doesn’t do a lot of good to proper research.

Dragons have allegiances to all the gods, depending on their persuasion.


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