Although the gift of faith has allowed many races to learn of and worship the deities of Elwarne, there is still only a limited amount known about them, as they reveal themselves slowly, over time, and often in strange and mysterious ways. Those who devote their lives to these gods can serve as clerics or paladins, and gain divine powers granted to them by their chosen deity.

The unicorns (the keepers of the gift of faith) only taught of the good gods.

However, when the goblins learned of faith, they discovered that there were also evil gods.

They also claim that Carna was not a good god, but was neutral and accepted both good and evil worshippers. This has caused no small religious debate.

With the combining of faith and philosophy, theologians (particularly in Fiiel) have pondered these and other questions. One notion that has been raised is that the gods are not all individual entities, but rather are all aspects or personalities of the one deity, while others discuss the meaning of life in the context of the revelation of the gods, what it means to have both good and evil gods, and other thorny theological questions.


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