Clerics are religious followers who have devoted themselves to the service of their chosen deity. In return, they are often granted a more intimate connection with the powers of that deity, allowing them to call on divine aid in the service of their god. They travel mainly with the purpose of spreading word of their god, or spreading the message that god seeks delivered.


Clerics in Making Myth are run as described in the 2nd edition Players Handbook with the following changes:

The limits on a cleric’s weapons and armour choices relate to the specific deity.

Clerics get to choose their rituals when they use them, rather than memorizing them.

Cleric spell progression represents a per day usage. At a time specific to their deity, their use will return to them.

Clerics can exchange their rituals up or down between levels. So if your cleric can perform 4th level rituals, she could divide a 4th level ritual slot into two 2nd level, or a 3rd and a 1st, or four 1st level rituals. She can also combine four 1st level rituals into a 4th level ritual, assuming she has the capacity to perform 4th level rituals in the first place.

Clerics must all worship one of the deities of Elwarne, each of which gives a specific bonus to their followers:

  • Paliyl [m] (justice): +1 to hit and damage on any offensive spell. Paliyl grants his followers their powers at high noon – the time justice is done.
  • Hesed [m] (faithfulness): Hesed clerics have no ritual level capacity, and maximum hitpoint return for healing, when performing rituals according to Hesed’s faithfulness. Hesed grants his powers at sunset, so they are available when they are most needed for the weak.
  • Sophia [f] (wisdom): Divinations have double range, duration and effectiveness. Sophia grants her followers their powers in the morning, after the proper time for breakfast.
  • Qodesh [m] (holiness): +1 bonus for all blessings, aids, chants, and prayers. They are able to stack bonuses from multiple blessings etc. Qodesh’s followers gain their powers at the hour before dawn, when they should be awake and praying.
  • Carna [f] (creation): Can use weather, plant, animal spheres. Carna grants her powers at the rising of the moon, whenever that occurs, because creation is whimsical and different.
  • Ra’a [m] (selfishness): +1 bonus on all protection rituals (granted at dawn)
  • Ba’ya [m] (hate): No saving throws on harming rituals (granted after sunset)
  • Tu’Eva [f] (desolation): +1 bonus for all sicknesses, and undead creation (granted at midnight)
  • Tiyrya [f] (fear): -1/level saves against charm and fear spells (granted at the second hour after midnight)


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