Centaur continue to live in the plains of Fiiel, concentrating on farming. They saw little use for buildings, but have found comfort in the use of textiles, leading them to grow much cotton and flax. They found comfort of a different kind in faith in the gods, and are ardently religious. Some have taken up martial artistry as fearsome warriors, particularly their rangers and cavaliers. Pottery is a huge gift for them, allowing them to store their crops more easily. They are fond of Sophia, goddess of wisdom, and some believe that she appears in the form of a unicorn, but specially blesses all hoofed races.

Their gift of agriculture means that they can make pretty much anything grow pretty much anywhere, given the right tools. Conversely, they can choose the perfect position and activity to make a crop grow to its absolute best and most productive.


+2 Con (19), +1 Str (18/00), -1 Dex, -1 Wis, very large and obvious hoofed creature, four legs, move 50% faster than humans at a run, greater carrying capacity. Unlimited levels in fighter, barbarian, ranger, cavalier.


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