Bards are a type of rogue that seeks to plumb the depths of the minds and hearts of the gifted races, rather than the depths of their pockets and chests. With the discovery of music and by devoting their lives to it, bards have found methods that allow them great insight into the minds of others. They can use this knowledge both to make leaps of intuitive thought about items or people or places, to influence people to act a certain way, or even to inspire them to acts of courage or to increase morale. It even allows them to use any magic spells they manage to acquire during their travels. Just how music gives them this phenomenal ability is a well-hidden secret – and while bards are terrible at keeping secrets, they are good liars, so rumours abound about music having hypnotic powers; that they harness the true power of the Galeb Duhr‘s own gift; that Carna herself used songs to weave the elements of creation together; that each person’s soul is made up of a song; midichlorians; and that bards are just that smart.


Bards follow their rules in accordance with the 2nd edition Players Handbook, with similar changes to that of mages for the spells they cast – they only take 10 minutes per spell level worth of rest to memorize a spell, as long as they have had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the last 24 hours. Also, their music is just a little bit more special than the 2nd ed PHB makes it out to be. Somehow.

Bards only get magic spells by acquiring them however they might manage to do so.


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