Sanila Pirem

A black robed wizard of shadow magic


Sanila Pirem was originally from the Winter Pines, where she had studied in Skald under the transmutation school there. On a trip to Manxiga, she discovered information that led her to seek out the black dragons and their as yet undiscovered magic. Apparently, she found one, and was able to learn not only their earth magic, but also the shadow magic that is unique to them. Whilst in Chan Ma Rai, she discovered Cherrock in the hands of the adventurers, and quickly whisked him away. Months later, she and Cherrock were found leading an army of orcs into Vahassa. It is thought that Sanila used her knowledge of magic, particularly of the silver towers, to help in their destruction.

Sanila was defeated and killed in the battle under the big top in Vahassa by the adventurers, and is buried at the entrance to Veri’s Pass.

Sanila Pirem

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