Prodomotes is a powerful, sarcastic, overbearing and arrogant minotaur who the party met on the plateau.


Prodomotes first joined the party when they were struggling to climb the plateau wall. He assisted them with his great strength, and told them he was hunting a giant bird which he had seen fly up on the plateau. His gruff, arrogant character appealed to Vargas, but most of the party found him creepy. He tagged along with the party, meditated instead of sleeping, and refused to fight anything that was beneath him, even when the rest of the party were struggling for their lives.

When the party met Phoenix, Prodomotes showed his own true form – that of a giant red dragon. He launched himself at the phoenix, and they joined in an epic midair battle. After Braed cast enlarge on the phoenix, Prodomotes turned on the party and let out a gout of flame, which would have roasted them all if the phoenix hadn’t absorbed it into herself, causing her to explode in a ball of fire, killing the dragon and herself.


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