Drey Trailweaver

Human sage from Fiiel, desperate to become a discoverer of a new gift


Drey Trailweaver is the son of one of the first human families to brave the crossing through the salty desert and into the rich grassy fields of Fiiel. He is one of the first born children into this world, having been born to his family 50 years ago.

Drey has wispy grey-white hair, which he keeps fairly short on his head, but longer in his beard, and only succeeds in making him look more befuddled. He has wide brown eyes, and looks generally weak and timid, but is easily excited when talking about the gift of literacy, about travel and finding new things, and especially with the idea that there are new gifts out there waiting to be discovered. His dream is to share gifts with the world, to see the gifted races all over Elwarne benefit. Drey is a follower of Sophia, as is befitting a sage.

Drey is patronised by a lord of the Fiiel plains, Lord Caravel. Thankfully, his lord is bankrolling this trip, which Drey took on nothing more than the rumoured memories of a travelling kender named Ethani Pollenflower. He isn’t sure where he is going to find these new races, but he figures that since humanity hasn’t explored the sandy desert plateau, that’s a good place to start. Lucky for him, Kage turned up in time to save him from a bunch of kobolds hoping to roll him for his belongings, and the two will now explore the plateau together, if they can find a way up.

Once the party helped Drey up onto the plateau, they were able to eventually lead him to an undiscovered race – the sphinx – and he vowed to stay in the desert to learn thei gift of history, so he could share it with the world, while trading to the sphinx literacy to aid them in their quest to keep accurate histories, and leatherworking to the thri-kreen living there, in trade for their assistance in finding the sphinx.

He was with the party when they met the phoenix, and was deeply troubled by its loss, fearing that its gift may have been lost to the world forever.

Drey Trailweaver

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