Orc warboss


Cherrock was first met by the party in Chan Ma Rai, where he was found gibbering and crazed, blathering on about tentacles, shadows, under the mountain, and the pressure on his brain. He was found by the wizard Sanila, who could speak orcish, it seemed, and was able to calm him sufficiently to take him away with her into the Silver Tower in Chan Ma Rai.

Months later, it was discovered that Cherrock was leading an army of orcs into the savannah to lay waste to the human settlements there. His forces had destroyed all but two of the human settlements – Pachia and Sylva – before he was defeated and captured by the party, then teleported by the mage Veri Pell to the lair of the blue disciples, before finally being sent by teleport stone back to Chan Ma Rai where Paliyl high clerics Mason and Barwick were able to take him into custody awaiting trial for his crimes.


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