Anthony Mason

The high cleric of Paliyl in Manxiga


Mason went from being a warrior fighting the minotaurs in Winter Pines to finding the service of Justice and turning to become one of Paliyl’s most powerful and ardent clerics. He was sent to become the high cleric of Manxiga, and works from the temple in Chan Ma Rai.

Mason presided over the important trial of Latrunculus, where decisions were made not only with regards to banditry, but the ability of the ogres and goblins to fell trees from the jungle home of the elves. The decision in that case was that Latrunculus was not acting on behalf of any racial or spiritual leadership, and as such could not claim to be defending his homeland.

Mason has been a regular contact for the party, and most recently has taken custody of the orc Cherrock for his own safety, for further questioning, and to keep him to face trial in Vahassa.

Anthony Mason

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