• Anthony Mason

    Anthony Mason

    The high cleric of Paliyl in Manxiga
  • Banak Stronghammer

    Banak Stronghammer

    Young dwarven follower of Paliyl who seeks to both administer and enforce justice across the land.
  • BlueBlood (AiChi) (Ketsueki Chihio)

    BlueBlood (AiChi) (Ketsueki Chihio)

    BlueBlood is an ogre mage, raised by prominent ogre magi who present at the court of Queen Dimeh.
  • Braed McLatinLatin

    Braed McLatinLatin

    One-time co-adventurer of Kage, dwarven bard who stayed in the desert with Drey.
  • Burt


    A hill giant slave who enjoys lifting things from one place to another.
  • Captain Mac the Knife

    Captain Mac the Knife

    An unstable scallywag wandering about the Mesa Steppes looking for his ship
  • Cherrock


    Orc warboss
  • Drey Trailweaver

    Drey Trailweaver

    Human sage from Fiiel, desperate to become a discoverer of a new gift
  • Funs


    A myconid trader in Coratka who has taken up trading as a moneylender and moneychanger.
  • Garfield Barwick

    Garfield Barwick

    High cleric of the Paliyl temples of Vahassa
  • Kage


    Son of human first generation kensai, seeking to learn more through practice and experience.
  • Kenado


    An ogre wood salesman who owns a warehouse in Ken Ta Ral, as well as a hill giant slave called Bert
  • Koora


    Fat goblin priest of the Ra'a shrine in Pa Kel
  • La Meh

    La Meh

    A goblin farmer whose spice crops were trampled, apparently by his neighbour's pigs
  • Lao Tsu

    Lao Tsu

    Another goblin farmer who owns several large wild pigs
  • Latrunculus (Rex Regis)

    Latrunculus (Rex Regis)

    Elven bandit lord who orchestrates attacks on ogre and goblin lumber harvesting
  • Lendle Thermodynamis

    Lendle Thermodynamis

    Gnomish mage, also wily entrepreneur who runs the Sprech Einfaches in Saketome.
  • Mellvin


    Elven ranger who grew up with Utuk
  • NubNub


    Kobold cleric of Hesed, who wanders from kobold settlement to kobold settlement providing aid to them.
  • Pan McLatinLatin

    Pan McLatinLatin

    Elf of questionable gender married to a hearty dwarf
  • Prodomotes


    Prodomotes is a powerful, sarcastic, overbearing and arrogant minotaur who the party met on the plateau.
  • Ritsrit


    Ogre mage of the green school
  • Robert Anthony - "The Plant"

    Robert Anthony - "The Plant"

    Human bard, who turned to Carna after a big event in his life.
  • Rogan Ravenmane

    Rogan Ravenmane

    Human Barbarian character who believes he is part elf (maybe)
  • Sanila Pirem

    Sanila Pirem

    A black robed wizard of shadow magic
  • Sarkon


    Leader of a group of wild riders from Geren
  • Siegfried Gearkonig

    Siegfried Gearkonig

    Gnomish tinker and ex-business partner of Lendle
  • Smith


    An agent of the temple of justice let loose on the world.
  • Southpaw Lightfinger

    Southpaw Lightfinger

    Kender goat herder in the north flood plains of Manxiga
  • Sparak


    A myconid trader who is commonly in Coratka, and trades various goods to travellers.
  • Trink


    Silver mage of the Silver Tower in Chan Ma Rai
  • Turisten


    A desert giant who provided hospitality to the party whilst they stayed in the Fnurgen pyramids.
  • Utuk


    Human cleric of Qodesh who was raised by an elven family
  • Veri Pell

    Veri Pell

    Human Blue Disciple mage from Pachia
  • Watashe


    An ogre mage member of the Junsa who is a friend of Blueblood's from Pa Dimeh
  • Xin Hao

    Xin Hao

    Ogre guildmaster of the Ken Ta Ral merchant mage guild in Manxiga.