Fifty two years have passed. For many races, that is a generation. For some, it is merely a season. But for Elwarne, it is an age. The age of discovery is coming to an end. What will the next age hold for the world?

The new world of Elwarne is just waiting for adventurers to plumb its far reaches and discover its many remaining mysteries. Since only 52 years have passed (so the clerics of Sophia say) since the gods created the world, instead of hearing about heroes of old, your characters may be the heroes of old! Will your character’s actions stand the test of time? Will their name be remembered as a legendary figure of history? Will their story blend into myth?

Making Myth is a D&D campaign set in a newly created world for up to six players. It will be running a “Ben Ed” version of the rules (based primarily on 2nd edition). Since no-one understands the rules but the DM, it is good for new and experienced roleplayers alike. Level 1 characters will be created in the first session.

Making Myth

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